How Sitelify works

Deploy your site to Netlify using a native Sitecore experience
Open the Sitelify application in the Sitecore Launchpad and you can deploy a new site on Netlify in less than 30 seconds.
Install Sitelify on your Sitecore content management (CM) instances

Sitelify is compatible with Sitecore 9.x with JavaScript Services (JSS) and all Netlify subscriptions.

To install Sitelify, install a Sitecore package on your CM instances. After the package is installed, add your Sitelify license key and Netlify API key to the Sitelify config file on your Sitecore CM instances.

Installation and configuration typically takes less than 5 minutes.

Sitelify renders your site and uploads the files to Netlify

Sitelify creates a version of your site that is disconnected from Sitecore. This means that when a visitor views a page, the page is ready and waiting.

What about personalization

Personalization still works! For pages with personalization, Sitelify generates the client-side code to request the personalized content from Sitecore when the visitor views the page. But instead of forcing Sitecore to render the entire page, the code Sitelify generates only requests the personalized parts.