Sitelify capabilities

Sitelify brings your Sitecore sites
built using Sitecore JavaScript Services (Sitecore JSS)
to Netlify, quickly and easily.
Authoring unedited
Continue to build and manage your website content using all of Sitecore's content management features, including Sitecore Experience Editor.
Easy install
Install the Sitelify package on your Sitecore content management (CM) instance and in less than 5 minutes you are ready to deploy to Netlify.
Easy to maintain
Let Netlify's worldwide application deployment network (ADN) handle load-balancing, scaling and security - virtually zero maintenance required.
Optimized for performance
Make the most efficient use of your Sitecore content delivery (CD) nodes by dedicating them to generating personalized content instead of time and resource-consuming full-page rendering.
Personalization on CDN
Website personalization without compromising performance by leveraging Netlify's CDN.
Reduced complexity everywhere
Remove dependencies between authoring, deployment, content delivery, scaling and security for a much less complicated Sitecore implementation.