Sitelify for the business

Easy to launch new sites – globally
You can provision and deploy new sites globally straight from Sitecore in as little as 60 seconds. No code is needed, and no there is no infrastructure to update.
Faster load times = more conversions
Load time is an increasingly critical factor for search engine ranking. The faster site you have, the higher search ranking you’ll get. The higher ranking you have means more exposure, which means more traffic to your site, which means more conversions.
Increased hosting options to better manage infrastructure costs
Continue to run Sitecore Content Delivery (CD) on own infrastructure or using IaaS or PaaS with reduced load on your Sitecore servers. Or go all-in with Netlify to optimize your global delivery. Either way, Sitelify helps you lower your hosting costs.
Personalization included
Continue to use Sitecore personalization in your website. You get best of both worlds: a blazing fast site with dynamic personalized components.
Reliable, best-in-class performance
More than 300,000 front-end developers around the world trust Netlify for best-in-class performance. So do we!
Secure and resilient by design
No servers to hack or attack. Netlify is a global CDN. Your website stays up, even if Sitecore goes down.